With the Beginning of the new year The Dragon’s Tale wishes to show their gratitude to the Staff at South who have gone above and beyond to make this year possible. Following our previous years we are switching over to an online website where everyone can read our newspaper. Included in our website you can find stories about New, Student life, Sports,Arts and Entertainment as well as Opinion pieces. 


The completion of this issue is due to the hard work of our staff journalist, their passion and determination is responsible for this issue that brings us much pride, By placing their trust in their editors our best work was able to be accomplished. We are so thankful for our wonderful journalists who are able to take feedback and incorporate it in their pieces with such flexibility


We’d also like to thank our advisor Hallie Hunt Rock for her guidance and support in our endeavors. This is her first year as our advisor and already our productivity has increased drastically. Having been a part of The Dragon;s Tale staff as a high school student,she offers invaluable experience that guides us through our work. 


Finally, we’d like to thank you, our readers, for your support of our department. You are what drives us to create the best Newspaper that we can. Your feedback is what keeps us afloat and we are grateful. Thank you for your endorsements and we hope that you enjoy our Website.


Many thanks,

The Editors

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