2022-2023 Staff

Lee Danielson
Editor in Chief

Lee Danielson

Lee Danielson is a senior at South Oldham High School and the Editor in Chief of the Dragon’s Tale. She was born in Chicago and moved to Oldham County in first grade. She has many interests including fashion and clothing, which she...

Avery Peterson
Assistant Editor

Avery Peterson

Avery Peterson is a Junior at SOHS who brings a creative touch to Dragon’s Tale. Her personality reflects a burnt green, radiating calm energy to her peers. She’s sarcastic and loves to make subtle pop culture references. ...

Website Editor

Lainey Van Vliet

Lainey is a senior at South who is new to The Dragon’s Tale staff this year. She enjoys making art and is particularly interested in printmaking. She is active in many clubs at South and loves spending her free time listenin...

Assistant Website Editior

Caleb High

Caleb High is a Senior at South Oldham Highschool and is proud to be joining Dragon's Tale for his final year at South. Caleb's aspirations are to be on Broadway and/or in film and TV. Caleb is the Assistant Website Editor an...

Student Life Editor

Vera Anderson

Vera (Cypher) is from Louisville Kentucky. They are a freshman this year and part of the Dragons Tale. Zey enjoy writing, reading, and all things weird.  It also enjoys listening to music with long (and usually very complica...

Coverage Editor

Addison Boren

Addison Boren is a sophomore at South Oldham Highschool; her first year participating in The Dragon’s Tale. Addison is an active student, who participates in many extracurriculars: student council, basketball, and speech and deba...

Photography Editor

Christopher Jordan

Christopher, a traveling connoisseur, loves speaking out about his passions and isn't afraid to say what needs to be said. He’s been to 9 countries, has dual citizenship in the U.S.A  and Ecuador, and has tried a variety of diff...

Social Media Editor

Jena Heflin

Jena is a senior at South Oldham High School and this is her first year in Dragon’s Tale. She was born in Louisville, under the moon sign of Scorpio. Jena loves to read, write, and hang out with friends. After South, she has a...

Copy Editor

Harper Ash

Harper is a sophomore at South Oldham High School. She made varsity volleyball her freshman year and hopes to continue to play volleyball in college. When she’s not busy at school or playing volleyball, she enjoys diving into her favo...

Staff Writer

Riley Pace

Riley is a senior this year, and a member of the National Honors Society as well as Link Crew. She is a middle school youth group leader and enjoys hiking and backpacking. She wants to study psychology in college in hopes of becoming...

Staff Writer

Presley Emerson

Presley Emerson is a senior at South Oldham high school, and this is her first year doing Dragon's Tale. She participates in school events, spirit weeks, and more. Outside of school she likes to hang out with her friends, go c...

Staff Writer

Megan Caskey

Megan is a senior at South Oldham High School. When she’s not working, going to school, or doing gymnastics, you can find her watching movies or hanging out with her friends. She loves going to Disney World with her family an...

Staff Writer

Grant Hamilton

Grant Hamilton is a senior at South Oldham High School and is a new member of Dragons Tale. Grant is excited to write about his school community and pop culture. Grant is a fan of reality television programs and spends a lot of ti...

Sports Co-Editor

Emma Jones

Emma Jones is a freshman at South Oldham. She was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and moved to Pewee Valley at age two. Emma has lived in Oldham county for the majority of her life. Emma’s hobbies are drawing, playing golf, and ...

Sports Co-Editor, Subscription Editor

Matthew Clark

Matthew is a sophomore originally from Pennsylvania, but moved here at a very young age and has lived here since. He is an avid believer that Disney World is superior to any Disney Land. He participates in KYA & KUNA with Dragon...

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