Quarantine Hobbies

Quarantine Hobbies

Nicole Kim, Assistant Editor in Chief

At South Oldham High School, students have been out of school for 7 months and had to stay home. During the 7 months of no school, what did the students here at SOHS do with their free time? Students were asked if they picked up any new hobbies and what they thought about being stuck at home.

Ella Murphy (11) states, ”I learned how to be a better cook and runner.” She picked up running, roller skating, and reading as new hobbies over quarantine. She liked having free time to read and do other things she enjoyed. Murphy explains that she didn’t like how, “Every day seemed to repeat and I felt like my days were worthless.”

Brooklyn Strong (9) learned to cook some new food. During her time at home, she liked being able to relax and sleep in almost everyday, but didn’t like “not being able to socialize with any of my friends.”

Owen Carr (11) learned more about politics and real life situations. Carr states, “I went hiking a lot more than I’ve done every other year so I picked up on hiking a little bit more.” He liked not having school, but his least favorite part was not being able to get his driver’s license and seeing his friends. 

Kenneth Davis (11) learned to read stocks better. He liked all the free time and sleep he got while staying at home. In Davis’ view, “not being able to socialize with any of my friends,” was his least favorite part about quarantine.   

Caroline Lock (11) learned a lot of new material from her online ACT prep. During her time at home Lock states, “I never thought I would say this, but I started doing yoga.” She didn’t like being confined to her house with her siblings while trying to do work, but enjoyed having school start later this year. 

With the pandemic still occurring, people are advised to stay home to be safe, and help stop the spread of this disease. Although being at home can be boring, this is a great opportunity to pick up a new hobby or learn something new.