Kristopher Paige

Kristopher Paige, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Kristopher Paige is the Co-Editor-in-Chief and the Opinion Editor of the Dragon’s Tale. Proud Member of the totally legitimate Cloud Appreciation Society, Kristopher Paige has long had his eyes set on the sky; he began his unplanned journalistic journey in late 2019, as the Media Delegate for South Oldham at the YMCA KYA. His subsequent winning of the Outstanding Media Delegate award incited within him a fervent passion for journalism, leading him to once again be the Media Delegate for South Oldham at the YMCA KUNA in early 2020 (before the lockdown). He was then elected Editor-in-Chief of the Media Corps for the upcoming 2021 KUNA, an achievement he holds to be his highest thus far. From then on, Kristopher decided that his passion for journalism was more than just a phase, but a career he could see himself successful in. Beyond journalism, Kristopher’s passions include art history, reading, and pretentious arthouse films.

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Mackenna Williams (12) and Sarah Burbank (12) protesting downtown.

Forces of Change

December 14, 2020
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Kristopher Paige