Senior Sunrise 2022


Photo Submitted

Reagan Rogers, Maddi Contardo, Lexi Clifford, Hailey Hubbs, Chloe Gonshak, Callie Pate, Brooke Kemelgor, and Emily Watkins

Senior Sunrise is a great way to kick off senior year and make memories with friends. Some of Seniors’ favorite parts about Senior Sunrise included drinking hot chocolate, enjoying donuts and Chick Fil A, and hanging out with their friends. 


Special thanks to all the volunteers and staff, especially the Senior Sponsors, Mrs. Lally and Mrs. Curl, who made this possible. Stay tuned for more updates about senior activities!

Ruth Koller, Megan Caskey (Photo Submitted)




Caroline Clark, Grace Reilly (Photo Submitted)
Polly Cotton, Cam Sauve, Claire Walker (Photo Submitted)