Academic Team


Sophie Gnadinger (11), Reese Hall (11), Hunter Coady (12), Ethan Raque (10), Kara Malito (12), Nihal Jacob (10), Ty Clayton (12)

On January 21, 2023 South Oldham High School’s Academic team attended the Governor’s Cup Competition at Oldham County High School. The competition included a quick recall competition, as well as an array of content assessments, including math, social studies, language arts, science, arts and humanities, and writing composition. The South Oldham academic team performed very well, with every member that participated moving on to regionals, which will take place on February 15th.

Members of the Academic Team participating in the quick recall competition all received a medal for placing second overall in their category. Participants who received medals in the quick recall competition were Ty Clayton (12), Hunter Coady (12), Sophie Gnadinger (11), Reece Hall (11), Ethan Hutchcraft (11), Nihal Jacob (10), Kara Malito (12), Ethan Raque (10), and Kairi Soeseno (12).

The following students placed in the top five of their respective content assessments:

Nihal Jacob and Ty Clayton for Math, Sophie Gnadinger and Ethan Hutchcraft for Language Arts, Ethan Raque and Hunter Coady for Science, Hunter Coady for Social Studies, Sophie Gnadinger for Arts and Humanities, and Kathryn Rapson (9) for Writing Composition.

Kairi Soeseno from the Academic Team states that “it was a fun day, and we all improved a lot from last year!” Similarly, Hunter Coady, another member of the Academic Team, invites people to give Academic Team a shot, stating, “There is everything from written tests to fast paced competition so there is something for everyone. The community is very welcoming and I love expanding my knowledge with all my friends.” Let’s all give one big congratulation to the South Oldham Academic Team for their successful competition!